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Internet Technology Summer Camp

Learn Internet and Mobile Technologies

Become a Certified Web Apps Developer

Internet Technology School ( is registered with Colorado Employment Training Programs as one of the best in the state for training and consulting in Web and Mobile Apps, Big Data and Business Intelligence.

This is not only cool stuff to learn but is very attractive for potential employers looking for these hard-to-find skills.

Three to six months of focused training is a valid alternative to three to six years of college. Instead of a degree and a sizable loan you obtain the skills to open a door to IT, create your own apps and games.

In a college, many separate subjects are perfectly disconnected. An average college graduate seems to know many things but can do very little. We developed an integral approach and effective methods of using technology in education, tuning in to individual skills and performances. These methods, shared at, make our training successful and cost-efficient. No IT background is required. But if you have one, your learning curve will be shorter.

Learn Internet Programming at Internet Technology Summer Camp:

We are taking the time to explain complex matters simply

We are helping the industry to transition to IT of the Future

We are building a team of entrepreneurs

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Visit our presentation: Invitation to Information Technology
The next step in software evolution could likely offer a solution to many problems, even fixing education and corporation. Information Technology field is quickly growing attracting more talents. Start this YouTube video to uncover this magic and, if intrigued, read more at ...
Do you want to move from theory to practice and become a magician? Learn with us at ITS, Inc.

- From the author of "Fixing Education and Corporation with IT of the Future".

We are looking for more tutors and open to profit sharing and partnerships. Any referral that brings good students and business to us will come back to you as 10% of profit for an individual and 20% for a partner company.

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